ID WORLD International Congress: Matt Schler

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Matt Schler

General Manager Retail Fixed Scanning – Datalogic Scanning

Speaks at ID WORLD on Transactions @ ID WORLD

Matt Schler is responsible for leading the Datalogic Scanning Division’s Fixed Retail Scanning business unit, including product strategy, product management, product development and program management.

Schler has over 30 years of product development and business management experience. He has an extensive history with PSC, beginning in 1976 with Spectra-Physics Inc. in manufacturing and rejoining the PSC Eugene-based operation in 1986 in engineering. He has held significant leadership positions in product engineering, technology development, program management, manufacturing engineering and business unit management.

Schler received his Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Colorado and is a resident of Eugene, Oregon.

“Emerging technologies and industry trends in retail POS”

The typical Retail front-end Point-of-Sale “checkout” design has remained largely unchanged for over 20 years. Recent trending toward more self-service and customer “choice” POS options are becoming more prevalent and are beginning to be utilized by many Retailers to optimize transaction productivity as well as improve customer service. Improvements in supply-chain management and efficiency are now highlighting the need for improvements at POS to reduce the single largest operational expense (front-end labor) for the typical Retailer. Over 30% of a typical store’s operational expense is required to staff the front-end.

Other key “forcing functions” that are pushing Retailers for POS improvements are:

• Increased interest in electronic interactions with consumers through “E-marketing” and “E-couponing.”

• Concerns regarding increasing front-end “shrink” or losses.

• The negative effects of customer-controlled processes on front-end productivity.

• Introduction of new types of product data and information.

The presentation will highlight and illustrate means by which Retailers will be positioned to solve many of the above problems with the deployment of new technologies such as reading 2D symbologies, capturing data from cell phones and other personal devices, as well as potentially automating more of the front-end POS operation with image recognition systems and automated data capture.


Speaking on November 16

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