ID WORLD International Congress: Matteo Colantoni

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Matteo Colantoni

Project Manager – Seicos

Speaks at ID WORLD on Transportation Security

Matteo Colantoni is currently involved, as a Senior Architect or, case by case, as a Project Manager, in the design, implementation and management of Private Mobile Radio Networks, in the design of “National Identity Card” systems, in “Real Time GPS/GSM Tracking Platforms” for Automatic Vehicle and Personnel location purposes, in Automatic Plate Number Recognition systems and Patrolling Systems, in Fiber Optical, Microwave and Wi-Max based broadband networks, in Public Safety and Homeland Security Platforms, in Network Operation Centers and relevant OSS/BSS software and in Service Delivery Platforms.

He is also involved in the design and setup of Certification Authorities, Command and Control Systems, National Control Rooms and relevant Emergency Warning Systems and Crisis Management Platforms and State Data Centers. Technical skills include Video-surveillance platforms, Access Control Systems, Telemedicine Platforms, and WebTV.

Mr. Colantoni has good knowledge of International Markets, operating as a pre-sale engineer, often with full responsibility for preparing RFP, RFI, Offers and for supporting executives and technical staff in responding to tenders, stipulating partnerships and strategic agreements. He has broad experience in EVA, EVMS and other financial and management procedures and tools. PMI member and PMP-certified with ten years experience in security, telecommunications and software companies before joining Finmeccanica, with different roles.


In this session Emergency Warning Systems and Crisis Management Service Platforms are described which can be accessed by Crisis Managers (usually operating in an Emergency Room) and used to broadcast messages to personnel involved in on field operations (policemen, fire brigades, doctors, civil protection operators, etc. who are in charge of managing all the phases of the event: before, during and in the aftermath) and, when necessary, to population as well (to alert, keep informed, coordinate movements, etc.). By means of these platforms (together with other tools, devices, etc.) real-time messages are broadcast (to those who are involved in the emergency) within geographical boundaries. At the same time, information gathered during the crisis (people position, triage forms, photos, video-clips..) can be collected – through smartphones, tablets, etc. – processed and forwarded, according to predefined rules, to the Crisis Room, where it is coherently displayed on video-walls and, when necessary, automatically shared with Hospitals Information Systems or other First Responders. This bidirectional information exchange between Crisis Rooms and on field personnel (and population) is aimed at facilitating crisis planning and management, speeding up rescue operations and first assistance, etc. In such scenarios ID Management is pivotal with regard to the access, exploitation, timely sharing and “intelligent” forwarding of useful information.


Speaking on November 4

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