ID WORLD International Congress: Maurizio Quattrociocchi

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Maurizio Quattrociocchi

IT Director – Istituto Poligrafico e Zecca dello Stato

Speaks at ID WORLD on Asset Tracking

Mr. Quattrociocchi, Electronic Engineer, begins his activities as CIO in Hertz Italy, where he performs the reengineering of IT systems and the interconnection of all sales agencies on the national territory.

Then he joins Gruppo Buffetti, as CIO, where he introduces new ERP systems, integrating several different company entities in terms of workflow and communication.

From 1999 til present he works in IPZS (Istituto Poligrafico e Zecca dello Stato) as Central Director for ICT and Business Solutions. He introduced SAP ERP in IPZS internal information system, and has enriched the Direction competencies acquiring eGov projects for the Public Administration. Among these, the Italian Official Gazette (Gazzetta Ufficiale della Repubblica Italiana), which, in the online version, reaches 100.000 simultaneous users; the”Modus” portal, with over 20.000 electronic templates for official communications used by the Public Administration; “Tutela Mare”, a portal for the surveillance of protected sea areas, made for the Italian Ministry for the Environment; “Portale delle Acque”, a portal for the Italian Ministry for Health; the “Normattiva” project, and the management for the issuance systems for the Biometric Passport and the Resident Permit.

“Environmental surveillance of seashores and public water distribution in Italy”

The portal “Tutela Mare”, developed for the Ministry of the Environment, Land and Sea, features a series of interesting topics relating to services for the public users.

It includes an environmental monitoring system, based on smart webcams, capable of streaming images via the web.

This portal contains also a scientific database (Si.Di.Mar. ) of the protecting sea portal, customized for its specific target and for generic web users.

Si.Di.Mar. database provides a complete and coordinated overview of the condition of the Italian seas and coastal areas, with respect to both the related ecological conditions and the anthropic, economic and industrial activities affecting the coastal areas above and under water.

It displays, through the GIS (Geographical Information System), information relating to:

• marine environmental data (DAM);

• distribution of alien organisms in the Mediterranean;

• coastal mapping of the posidonia oceanica beds in Italy;

• position, zoning and borders of the existing marine protected areas;

• beaching of cetaceans and marine tortoises in Italy.

Si.Di.Mar. implement a workflow to upload analytic data of water that are entered directly by responsible of samples, are collected by Ministry of the Environment, Land and Sea and could be downloaded by different organizations.

Speaking on November 18

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