ID WORLD International Congress: Meet the Buyer

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The First Global Auto ID Procurement Initiative

At ID WORLD 2010, Wise Media is proud to introduce the Meet the Buyer, a business event tailored to the advanced automatic identification procurement process that turns the standard showcase concept on its head. The Meet the Buyer is an event where the exhibitor is the BUYER and the visitor is the VENDOR.

The Meet the Buyer service is designed to bring together buyers and vendors in a confidential environment created to enhance the process of strategic technology procurement.

The success of the ID WORLD Exchange will be ensured by establishing and then communicating the precise needs of the buyers, specifically to those vendors with the ability to meet them.

The ID WORLD Exchange will revolutionize seller procurement interaction: one-to-one pre-planned appointments will take place within a business-facilitating environment to initiate new technology partnerships.

How it Works

  1. Wise Media will work with each buyer to put together a list of requirements (products, services and features, etc.)
  2. Wise Media will promote the buyer’s requirements and the event to vendors of these products and services through a precisely targeted direct mail and telemarketing activity
  3. Each relevant vendor visiting the show will be able to make scheduled appointments with buyers throughout the three days of the event. Vendors will also be able to make unscheduled appointments on site (subject to availability)
  4. An efficient system will be used to set up appointments on a pre-planned timetable, allowing up to 30 minutes per session
  5. As vendors book appointments, we will feed this information back to the buyers, so that they can determine the number and types of representatives required on site
  6. A customized timetable of appointments will be given to both the vendors and the buyers of the ID WORLD Exchange

A Tailor-Made Experience for Each Participant

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