ID WORLD International Congress: Michele Capobianco

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Michele Capobianco

VP Product Management – Onda Communication

Speaks at ID WORLD on ID in Cloud Computing

Michele Capobianco graduated in electronics and informatics and holds a degree in electronic engineering from the University of Padova with specialisation in Systems and Data Analysis. He joined Tecnomare, ENI Group, in 1989 working on a variety of challenging engineering projects in the field of marine technologies and coastal area management.

Mr. Capobianco began working as free lance engineer in 2001 working primarily on technology transfer projects, participating to a number of European research projects, and acting as a consultant to a number of public institutions. He joined Onda Communication at the beginning of 2008 as Vice President for Product Management with the responsibility of managing research and development activities as well as product development and finalization activities. Focus of Onda Communication is on mobile communication technologies and integration of mobile communication technologies in new products.


Identity confirmation is increasingly required for a variety of purposes, from verifying the eligibility to physical access to premises, to logical access to networks to access to online services, to “cloud based” applications, and to use of modern payment systems. New solutions adopting a variety of technologies are being developed and are ready to be massively deployed on a large scale. Such technologies involve new developments and workflows at infrastructure level, at server level, at network terminal level, at user terminal level. Some of them are more advanced and mature (e.g. online banking) some of them are at the beginning of a potentially massive and transversal growth (e.g. mobile payment through NFC technology).

All such uses are extremely significant and shall play an important role in our future life. However Personal Identification Systems can play an important role also for more private uses such as access to home computer and devices, home facilities, home entertainment, home data storage, and, similarly, to sustain uses at social and community level, including schools, users groups, small offices. In other words there is a number of additional uses of Personal Identification Systems that can help making more secure the “shared use” of objects, devices, facilities and online resources or even “enable” completely new ways to share objects, devices, facilities and online resources for personal uses.

The talk aims at addressing new requirements and new opportunities for the personal uses of personal identification systems and to discuss the possible applications on personal devices, especially mobile communication devices. In addition the talk also attempts to give an overview of the state of the art, on existing applications, and on future trends. Finally, it aims at initiate a discussion on other possible applications of personal identification systems in a social and community-based environment.


Speaking on November 4

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