ID WORLD International Congress: Monitoring the ID Revolution

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The ID Revolution

With its outstanding impact on our IT and security infrastructure, automatic identification will be at the core of a revolution affecting numerous processes in all major vertical industry segments.


There has been great demand from governments for seamless traceability programs within the food supply chain in a bid to protect public health, prevent fraud and maintain quality.

Benefits of auto ID technology for farming are furthermore highly attractive to those who take pride in preserving their culinary traditions.


Many luxury, apparel and textile companies need to streamline their supply chain and optimize distribution.

They are now looking for ways to enhance revenues and market share by managing stores and inventory in a modern way. Auto ID technology has become central to protecting brands from growing global competition.


Companies are under pressure to reduce costs and develop innovative products in which operations go beyond national boundaries.

Using Auto ID solutions, automotive and white goods companies in particular are becoming more efficient and responsive in an increasingly competitive marketplace.


Going to a sports stadium or a concert has become quicker and safer.

Smart tickets and smart kiosks are now widely found in a variety of leisure applications from amusement parks to video rental outlets, increasing throughput at stands and reducing long queues.

Public Administration

The need for enhanced border crossing security has become dramatically evident across the world.

Biometric identifiers will be introduced in travel documents to verify the identity of the holder and IC chips will be integrated into ID cards to secure authenticity and prevent fraud.


Smart Cards and RFID have become widespread in the corporate environment for their flexibility in enabling physical access control, IT security and building automation.

A comprehensive portfolio of auto ID technologies is essential for protecting both physical and digital assets of companies.


The deployment of new Process Analytical Technologies by large pharmaceutical companies is on the verge of revolutionizing the market.

At the same time hospitals are improving asset and patient monitoring through the deployment of active and passive RFID solutions.

Consumer Products

Thanks to the application of smart labels to packaged goods, long checkout lines at the grocery store may soon be a thing of the past.

Transforming cans, household items and consumer electronics into smart products also improves efficiency along the distribution chain.

Transport & Logistics

Although railroads adopted RFID some time ago, very few logistics companies have shown the same eagerness.

To reduce the size of fleets and improve overall efficiency, it is vital that wide-scale item-level tagging is carried out and a proper reader infrastructure installed.


RFID is being used to monitor the pickup, disposal and recycling of waste.

RFID allows for a greater degree of control, including the accurate billing, the performance monitoring and an unprecedented degree of traceability in the disposal of hazardous or otherwise sensitive waste material.

Public Transportation

Contactless technologies are revolutionizing automatic fare collection in the public transport sector, providing greater convenience for end users and lower costs for operators.

The commercial airline is also using RFID for baggage handling and tracking.

Financial Service

Smart cards are an ideal instrument for electronic money management.

They are cost-effective and offer the high security needed for financial transactions. For quick and efficient payments, retailers can now accept payments using RFID enabled credit cards.

ID WORLD Conference

Discover the advantages, opportunities and social impact of the ID Revolution by attending the ID WORLD Conference in Milan (Italy) from November 28-30, 2006.

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