ID WORLD International Congress: Postal Innovation

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Postal Innovation

A business evolution in mobility, traceability and security

New technologies are playing a major role in evolving modern postal and express shipping systems and processes. As the physical dimension in the postal business diminishes in volume, so the virtual world is increasing. The financial domain too is a growing part of this business evolution. ID is the glue that holds the Physical, Virtual, Financial domains together from within.

How can ID establish itself as the necessary component for the creation of an external trust model and become the change agent as new technologies evolve and disrupt existing processes? In the digital age, what are the challenges and opportunities for ID technology in postal networks, services and products to ensure level playing fields for postal operators to compete in the global market?


Current trends and future predictions for technology in postal and express shipping


Opening of Postal Innovation
Business Models

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

Session 1 – Opening of Postal Innovation

Chairman: Sophie B. de la Giroday, President – Wise Media

– Jean Salomon, Principal – JSalomon Consulting Partners

– Richard Wishart, CEO, Delivery Management

– Akio Miyaji, Quality of Service Coordinator – Universal Postal Union

Coffee Break

Session 2 – Business Models

Chairman: to be announced

– Vincent Santacroce, Marketing Director of Integrated & Digital Services – Poste Italiane
How a traditional postal operator can grow in a digital communication world

– Walter Gritzner, BU Manager KePol Logistic Solutions, Keba
First and last mile solutions in Parcel services in a B2B, B2C and C2C environment

– Farah Abdallah, Expert e-business – Universal Postal Union
.post – postal innovation for the digital world

– Stephen Stretton, General Manager – Post Polly
Postal retail networks – e-services and customer empowerment

– Speakers to be announced

End of Conference Sessions

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