ID WORLD International Congress: Poy Chen

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Poy Chen

Founder & CEO – FrontOne

Speaks at ID WORLD on ID in Cloud Computing

Poy Chen is the founder and CEO of FrontOne Limited, a provider of advanced digital security solutions that help organisations to protect the digital identity and privacy of their clients, transactions and digital assets in the Cloud.

Well-known in the electronic security industry where he has worked for over 20 year as an engineer and later as senior manager, by his ability to apply a simplistic approach to solving complex problems. This foresight and approach has led to Poy receiving patent protection in New Zealand, Australia, Japan and United State of America, and patent pending in other countries for message dissemination and human factor authentication.

In the past few years, Poy has been focused on commercialising his inventions through talking and working closely with security leaders in the financial services sector around the world. This has resulted in Poy and his team successfully developing Janus – a zero knowledge authentication application, and 3AKey – an ease of use, all in one, personal digital security companion. Together, they provide a unified security platform that meets the security and privacy needs of the Internet (including cloud computing) era and beyond.


The speaker will be providing an overview on how security technologies can be deployed in innovative ways, achieving more effective results in mitigating both aggressive cyber threats by reducing attacking surface and delivering lasting benefits by outflanking the adversaries.

Many of the current security vulnerabilities originated from the insecurity of digital identities as well as the inability to protect them. The speaker aims to introduce a method in which secure identification can be achieved without eroding privacy.

There is a definite trend of adoption of computing as a utility service know as Cloud computing. This paradigm shift increasing depends on the integrity of cloud security, particularly the role and the importance of the security and integrity of our digital identity. By extending the above privacy preserving secure identification technique to data protection, the speaker intends to show the audience how the application of non-transferable dynamic digital identity can be utilised to mitigate electronic fraud and protect personal identifiable communication, data and digital assets in the cloud, as well as enabling citizen centric applications and services without compromising privacy.



Speaking on November 4

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