ID WORLD International Congress: Privacy & Data Protection

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Privacy & Data Protection

Meeting the challenges of new standards for data security in the information age

Today there are many ways to obtain the personal information of others. As systems require higher security standards, advanced automatic identification technologies are becoming the ultimate authentication techniques.

What is the impact of new credentialing technologies, which hold the potential for multiplication of critical data, on privacy and data protection procedures? How does eID correlate with privacy? How is the management of the personal data and digital identities evolving in a scenario that is experimenting the use of web applications in all private and public application areas – such as in the postal sector and in e-government portals?




Privacy & Data Protection Free Access!

Thursday, November 18th, 2010

Privacy & Data Protection

Chairman: Sophie B. de la Giroday, President – Wise Media

– Michiel van der Veen, CEO – Priv-ID
Large-scale national biometrics registers and privacy

– Ronny Bjones, Senior Architect Identity & Security Division – Microsoft Corporate
Minimal Disclosure – the marriage between eID and privacy

– Matthew Ennis, CEO – Monsoon Road
Stakeholder privacy and public acceptance

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