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Conference Stream   Time   Room   Sessions 
Electronic Passport Forum   28 November
(9:00-17:30 *)
29 November
(9:00-17:30 *)  
AlfaTau *   Border control and ePassports: open issues
The second wave: National ID projects
Toward complete security: eVisa, residence permit and green-card projects
RFID and Biometrics for eGovernment
Balancing security and privacy
Leveraging on the lessons learned 
Smart Supply Chain Forum   29 November
(9:00-17:30 *)
30 November
(9:00-17:30 *)  
AlfaSigma *   The new frontier in Data Collection
From Manufacturing to Smart Manufacturing
Growth of the RFID market: limiting factors
Asset Tracking: tools and approaches
Leveraging RFID data: how to create value
Item level tagging today: only a paper tiger?  
Global Security Forum   29 November
(9:00-17:30 *)
30 November
(9:00-17:30 *)  
AlfaZeta *   Security technologies in the global village
Access control in public and private areas
Building Automation: eOffices & eHomes
IT security and logical access control
Leveraging RFID data: how to create value
The rise of Registered Traveler Programs 
Fashion @ ID WORLD   30 November
(9:00-17:30 *)  
AlfaOmega *   Fashion: global business vs. brand protection
Distribution optimization: the RFID challenge
Advanced business models for the fashion industry
Will your clothes talk about you? Reinventing the customer experience 
Transactions @ ID WORLD   28 November
(9:00-17:30 *)  
AlfaZeta *   Transaction Security in Financial Services
The fight against hackers: strategies and tools
Cards, Smart Cards or no Cards?
The next wave of electronic payment systems 
Food @ ID WORLD   29 November
(9:00-17:30 *)  
AlfaOmega *   Traceabilty of food products throughout the supply chain
Fraud prevention in the food industry
From farm to fork: the role of identification
The RFID business case in the food industry 
Healthcare @ ID WORLD   28 November
(9:00-17:30 *)  
AlfaSigma *   Healthcare cards: total quality & zero waste?
Emerging technologies for public healthcare
Tracking in pharma and healthcare: the RFID opportunity
Hospital management & patient monitoring 
Ticketing @ ID WORLD   28 November
(9:00-17:30 *)  
AlfaOmega *   Automatic fare collection in mass transit applications
Identification in the world of transportation
Access control for events: old and new issues
Future developments in leisure and tourism 
ID Revolution Trends   30 November
(9:00-17:30 *)  
AlfaTau *   Trends and opportunities in the auto ID market
RFID: new manufacturing approaches
Emerging and disruptive auto ID technologies
Identity Management 

* Rooms and schedule may change

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