ID WORLD International Congress: Rafal Brzoska

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Rafal Brzoska

CEO – InPost

Speaks at ID WORLD on Postal Innovation

Rafal Brzoska is the founder and a co-owner of the Group companies, which he has been developing from the very beginning of their activity. He has built a nationwide unaddressed and addressed mail distribution network and has achieved the leading position on the Polish distribution market with approximately 30% of the market share. InPost, which has been active on the market since 2006, competes effectively with the monopolist – Polish Post with about 10.5% of the market share. InPost was awarded World Mail Award for Growth in 2010.

Brzoska is an experienced manager specializing in emerging markets with high growth potential. From 1999 to 2001, he was the Sales Director and at the same time a manager and co-owner of SENIORNET S.C., a company providing internet services. In 1999 he founded – currently the largest private postal services group in Poland. The Group successfully debuted on the Warsaw Stock Exchange on 30 October 2007 and achieves over 400% ROI. After achieving successes in unaddressed and addressed mail business he is now entering markets of e-commerce with easyPack 24/7, f-commerce with InFlavo and m-commerce with InMobile.

Rafal Brzoska is a graduate of the Management and Marketing Faculty at Cracow University of Economics. He is interested in literature on financial markets and stock exchange analysis. He travels, and his hobbies are scuba diving and extreme sports. He is married and has one daughter.


In his presentation, Rafał Brzoska will present how can postal operator become a strong player in the e-commerce market. With the mail being in decline Rafal will be presenting that postal operators should look closer into new solutions such as e-commerce and mobile commerce.

From the beginning, InPost heavily invested in new technologies, which translates into continuous growth of the company. That has been recognized and in 2010 InPost won World Mail Award for Growth in Copenhagen and in 2011 two World Mail Awards for E-commerce and Innovation in Brussels. The Polish story on the global market will be presented.

With such a vision and the decision taken in 2009 Rafal will present how InPost as a postal operator is handling in the area of e-commerce, mobile commerce and social commerce.

Currently with the trend of decline in the mail volume and growth in packages e-commerce solutions are becoming a key challenge for the postal operators. The case study of easyPack 24/7, automated parcel terminal that were deployed in Poland in 2009 will be presented. With over 420 machines currently being in Poland benefits of such solution and successful case studies with e-retailers will be presented.

The presentation will also present new opportunities to merge solutions from e-commerce, mobile commerce and also f-commerce. Everybody is now excited about Facebook. InPost activities in that field brought over 200.000 fans. How was it achieved and how postal operator can be communicating with young generation of non-mail users? Can posts monetize such important and demanding group? Social commerce solutions will be shown during the presentation.



Speaking on November 2

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