ID WORLD International Congress: Reinhard Jurisch

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Reinhard Jurisch

Managing Director – Microsensys

Speaks at ID WORLD on Wireless Identification

Reinhard Jurisch is the Managing Director microsensys GmbH. Mr. Jurisch majored in Physics at the Friedrich Schiller University, Jena, Germany where he wrote his Diploma Thesis on “Superconductive Quantum Interferometer”. First he was involved as a development engineer in the central laboratory for radio and

television reception technology for developing the digital flat-screen. After then he worked as a development engineer at the Funkwerk Erfurt in the division of semiconductor technology development. Following, he was a group leader at Kombinat Mikroelektronik, in the department of technology and semiconductor test measurement technology for three years.

From 1985 until 1989, Mr. Jurisch was department chief in the areas of test design and analysis technology, especially micro-processor and EPROM technologies.

1990 followed the foundation of an engineering office for transponders and measurement technology, and then the creation of Microsensys Ltd. Since 1991, he is the managing director and in between was also the technology director of the international company Global ID in Switzerland.

In 2006 Microsensys was honored with the European Auto-ID Award “Innovative Company.”


RFID is no longer a foreign word. Many companies are increasingly turning to this new technology to simplify processes in the areas of logistics, monitoring or data management.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a very smart wireless Auto-Identification- Technology. Normally RFID is used for purposes of contactless identification and individual data storage in the RFID transponder. This paper will describe an extended usage of the RFID technology not only for data storage – it could be interesting to integrate sensors in a passive RFID transponder itself for many applications. So it should be possible to read out measured sensor values wireless without any contacts and without any internal battery. In this paper we will discuss exclusive passive sensor RFID devices and no standard radio communication.

The demands of such RFID sensors are affected by the customer applications. Very important are communication distance, data rate of communication and the size of the transponder device. To achieve such specified parameters are necessary to design special features of RFID front end, control unit and sensor device including its electronic converting.

This paper shows the relation between different technologies, application parameters and design features. One specific feature for sensors is the need of a very low power consumption of itself. Also the supply voltage for the sensor has to be very small. Important is also that the sensor has a data interface which allows the electrically connecting to a transponder RFID front end. Today there are different sensors for temperature, pressure, humidity and other physical sizes which can fulfill these inquiries. There are various systems like LF (low frequency), HF (high frequency), UHF (ultra high frequency) or micro waves with different characteristics in operation mode, reading distance, data communication rate, antenna design and functionality in various surroundings like water or metal.

At the end you will get an overview of the important parameters, features and technologies in matrix form.


Speaking on November 2

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