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Rémy de Tonnac

CEO – Inside Contactless

Speaks at ID WORLD on Transportation @ ID WORLD

Remy de Tonnac is the CEO of INSIDE Contactless, the world leader semiconductor supplier of contactless cards and NFC microprocessor chips. Prior to that he was a Partner of VERTEX Management funds in Europe and sat on the board of several technology and services companies of the VERTEX portfolio, including the chairmanship of INSIDE Contactless. Before that, Remy de Tonnac was with GEMPLUS, as a member of the executive committee of the group and Region Chief Executive Officer for Asia based in Singapore, from 1991 to 1998, then for Americas based in San Francisco from 1999 to 2001.

“An advanced open standard security scheme to deliver customer convenience, and operational efficiency for operators”

Today – paper tickets or transit-only smart cards

Tomorrow – one card, many uses: fare collection, payment and other applications; multi-mode, cross-system; adoption of NFC devices by consumers

Today’s legacy proprietary security schemes inadequate to meet demands of tomorrow’s fare collection paradigm. Tomorrow, an advanced open standard security scheme is required to enable systems that deliver customer convenience, and achieve growth and operational efficiency for operators. Creating a new advanced, complex security scheme is costly and high-risk for a single vendor. An industry-wide effort is needed to deliver this critical enabler of tomorrow’s seamless transit systems. A new initiative by four major smart card technology vendors is the catalyst for an industry-wide, vendor-neutral open standard movement for public transportation. The goal is to bridge the security gap to next-generation smart card-based public transport applications through an advanced open security standard to be governed by an independent body. Open to all members of the public transport ecosystem, technology providers are free to add functionality outside the common core. The system presents transit operators with better options for growth and efficiency.

Speaking on November 16

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