ID WORLD International Congress: Renato Di Stefano

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Renato Di Stefano

Energy Manager – ST Microelectronics

Speaks at ID WORLD on Sustainability

Graduated at Rome “La Sapienza” University in 1976 with a degree in Electronics Engineering, Renato is the General Services Director for the sites of the north Italy of STMicroelectronics (ST), a leader in the design, manufacturing and sales, of electronics semiconductor components.

In his role of General Services Director, which he covers since February 2000 in Agrate Brianza (MI)-Italy, he has a responsibility over Facilities operations as well as activities related to Environmental preservation, people Health and Safety, Asset’s Security and Site Services.

Renato is also appointed as President of the Environment and Safety Steering Committee for the sites of ST located in the north Italy, and Energy Manager of the Company in Italy.

In his long career, besides ST, Renato has worked 20 years for Texas Instruments (TI), another giant in the semiconductor business arena, 1 year for Montedison Sistemi, and 2 years, before joining ST, at Olivetti Personal Computers.

Renato has therefore spent his 34 years long career in the electronics industry with increasing level of responsibilities and having the possibility to cover position in the design, marketing, manufacturing and services, carried out both on domestic and international context.

From year 2007 to 2009 ST and other big Italian firms, as members of SODALITAS Foundation (partner of CSR Europe), participated to a Laboratory that, under the umbrella of The European Alliance for CSR, with the target of “Equipping Companies and Stakeholders for a Competitive and Responsible Europe, has developed a tool which allows the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to have an on-line Eco-Efficiency-Check-up and gather the most appropriate best available practice for improving the performance. Renato has been the leader of this Laboratory.

“Environmental Excellence in the Industry: Green is Gold”

The presentation will focus on the journey towards environmental excellence started in the mid-1990s by STMicroelectronics (ST), a leader in the design, manufacturing and sale of semiconductor components used in the main electronics appliances, and will go through the company policy, the process and the methodology followed, the effort spent to reach the targets and the tangible successes achieved.

The speaker will bring a witness of a company that from 1995 has strongly pursued the target of neutralizing the environmental impact along the whole life-cycle of its product.

The presentation will describe the company policy and the process followed from the identification of objectives and key indicators to the measurement of the effectiveness of the program. The presentation will also provide some relevant examples of main activities implemented and their return.

The experience of the Agrate site, a large ST factory located in the North-Est side of Milan (Italy), where the speaker operates as General Services Director, President of Site Safety and Environmental Steering Committee and Energy Manager, will be presented. This will provide the audience with real evidence that a program started by a “cost-driven industry”, under the perception that “Environment is Free”, and therefore considering investments in environment improvement as a leverage for a better competitiveness, after 15 year experience, has shown such an outstanding and appealing return, with an effective and short term pay-back, to justify the belief that “GREEN is GOLD”.


Speaking on November 17

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