ID WORLD International Congress: Richard Wishart

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Richard Wishart

CEO – Delivery Management

Speaks at ID WORLD on Postal Innovation and on Asset Tracking

Richard is CEO of Delivery Management Ltd which is an international logistics and technology consultancy. The main areas of interest are Express Logistics, Postal networks, Aviation and Defence, He is regarded as one of the leading technology experts in these sectors and has built up a high level of in-depth expertise in technologies such as RFID

After graduating from Edinburgh University, Richard became a professionally qualified aircraft systems engineer in the Royal Air Force. Later at the London Stock Exchange he developed and implemented some of the market critical information systems associated with “Big Bang” deregulation.

In the British Post office he led major systems implementation projects before taking on commercial responsibility for its overseas supplier selection and international commercial relationships. He was responsible for business systems strategy within a number of major postal joint venture projects. The European Parcel Group, the EMS Cooperative and the USPS/GLS joint venture.

Within Royal Mail he was Regional Director for Europe and set up alternative delivery arrangement in Germany. He was also Client Director for Royal Mail Group’s North American postal relationships.

Commercial opportunities from standardised serialised identification

The Universal Postal Union now uses ISO License Plate “item identifiers” to uniquely identify the passive RFID tags that it uses in its Global Monitoring System (GMS) for mail measurement. I can explain how the license plate allocation concept works within the GMS system and how some postal administrations also use license plates barcodes for their parcel products.

There was a time when mail and parcel companies competed with each other on identification standards but nowadays it is far more important to adopt an open and global standards approach so that our industry is able to handle the license plates being generated by other industries. As an example, I will explain how the “DoD” RFID mandates work and how their new UID Standard also conforms to the ISO license plate standard.

We should now be using combined barcode and RFID indicia to identify parcels and letters. This will allow sortation tracks to be included in overall “track and trace” for customers and allow customers to use “near field contactless” RFID or Mobile Phone “imaging” for “proof of posting” and “confirmation of delivery” purposes.

Nesting of “trays and bags”, “rollcages” and “vehicles” is best achieved using ISO License Plate standards as these containers are used and exchanged throughout an “open” supply chain ecosystem. This is particularly true in the type of “downstream access agreement” used by postal companies in the UK.

The ability to handle “open indicia” standards needs to be a key element in the business strategy of any parcel or mail carrier and should be mandated by any eCommerce company or mail producer. Delivery Management has proven expertise in this field and would be happy to advise your company on how to tackle this issue and in the process gain significant commercial advantage


Speaking on November 16

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