ID WORLD International Congress: Robert DeVincenzi

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Robert DeVincenzi

President & CEO – LaserCard

Speaks at ID WORLD on CEO & Investors Forum

Robert DeVincenzi is president and chief executive officer of LaserCard Corporation. DeVincenzi’s career spans more than 25 years of senior management in the technology, secure networking and software industries. Most recently, DeVincenzi was senior vice president of Corporate Development for Solectron Corporation, a global contract manufacturing business. Prior to Solectron, DeVincenzi was president and CEO of two successful start-ups: Inkra Networks, a secure networking company, which was acquired by Nortel, and Ignis Optics, a developer of precision optical components, acquired by Bookham Technologies.

Previously, DeVincenzi served as senior vice president of Ditech Communications and vice president of Sales and Systems Engineering in government and commercial markets at Bay Networks. Mr. DeVincenzi received his bachelor’s degree in business administration from California State Polytechnic University and holds a master’s degree in organizational leadership from Gonzaga University.

“Multi-technology secure ID: an emerging solution”

This paper will discuss the emergence of highly secure, multi-technology ID systems as cutting-edge, integrated ID solutions. More advanced, multi-purpose ID credentials deliver increased utility, security and intelligence.

– Sophisticated systems enable additional usage scenarios beyond ID verification

– With multiple applications, an ID card can serve as a single point solution for many end-user needs

– Advantages include streamlined administration, reduced cost, user utility, efficient service delivery

– Integrating legacy and emerging technologies within a single card, leverages earlier investments without the need to revolutionize the entire infrastructure, and compartmentalizes diverse applications

Emergence of this new breed of multifunctional solutions is enabled by:

– Advances in standards-based technology

– Adaptation/refinement of those technologies to coexist on the same card platform

– Innovations in card design and construction

– Multi-layered security safeguards


Three Examples:

1. Italy’s Carabinieri National Police ID Card

Issued to all Carabinieri employees, this card combines a contact chip for e-government, a contactless chip for facility access and optical security media for visual and digital security. It is compatible with national systems and fully compliant with international standards

2. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia National ID Card

This card incorporates optical security media to counteract fraud and counterfeit attempts, and an IC chip to provide access to the integrated, all-in-one government infrastructure.

3. Next-Generation U.S. Green Card

The new card is the world’s first implementation of optical security media for visual, physical and data security, together with an RFID tag to facilitate land border crossings.

Speaking on November 16

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