ID WORLD International Congress: Rodolfo Veltri Gomes

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Rodolfo Veltri Gomes

Senior Support Engineer – Nxp Semiconductors

Speaks at ID WORLD on Wireless Identification

Since 1995, Rodolfo Veltri Gomes has been involved in the design and development of different RF technologies: ECM defense radar systems, broadcasting systems, bluetooth, wifi & power line communication, as well as RF amplifiers in MRI scanners.

In Jan 2005, he joined NXP Semiconductors Sales office in Italy (former Philips Semiconductors), and since then he has been involved in RFID & NFC technical support and business development for several market segments in Mediterranean area: contactless secure payments, retail transactions and Automatic fare collection in transportation.

He is senior support engineer at NXP Italian team and coordinates activities of Mobility improvement in transport by deployment of Fare collection systems as well as creation of RFID ecosystems in Europe.


This paper will analyze some key RFID requirements from distribution customers and relate them to major trends in embedded RFID platforms.

Our RFID ecosystem might speed up its development as long as new applications and case studies are boosted up by embedded platforms. The progressive outsourcing of high value-added RF frontends imposed the knowledge migration from big system integrators down to smaller but highly flexible organizations: the RFID frontend OEM/Reader suppliers. The latest strategy is to assign Disti Field Application engineers as champions of excellence in the regions in and promote technology diffusion by means of easy-to-use design-in support packages. Such support packages are derived from customer requirements: fast time-to-market prototyping, flexible configuration by firmware, easy-to-adopt modularity.

Nowadays, marketing identifies some key areas where RFID-to-data mixed technologies could fit together and help achieving the so-called “critical mass” embracing more market segments.

Looking to asset tracking backoffice, for instance, it is possible to identify new family of authenticating devices which make use of high security microcontrollers, traditional commonwealth of ISO7816-Banking related card applications, but now for the first time accessible via low cost flexible known interfaces (I2C, SPI). From the point of view of asset tracking production chain, a new door soon will be opened to RFID-to-I2C device families improving capacity to on-the-go Firmware-upgrade, during production/testing stages and enabling configuration management in flexible way.



Speaking on November 2

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