ID WORLD International Congress: Ronny Bjones

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Ronny Bjones

Senior Architect, Identity & Security Division – Microsoft Corporate

Speaks at ID WORLD on Privacy & Data Protection

Ronny Bjones currently is working for Microsoft Corporate as senior architect in the identity & security division. Ronny joined Microsoft in 2002 to contribute in trustworthy computing. Later he became the EMEA security lead for Microsoft’s enterprise business.

He has 27 years of experience in ICT, 21 of those in security.

Ronny published QuEST together with several industry specialists in the subject of electronic signatures. The book is a comprehensive guide on how to implement Electronic Signatures solutions and can be downloaded from

Ronny also co-authored “Best Practice for Applications using the electronic Identity Card”.

Ronny oversees the whole areas of security but has a special interest in smart cards, PKI, Identity Metasystem, cryptography and digital signatures.

Ronny is a board member of EEMA, an organisation providing guidance on e-Business.

Ronny is also member of the ISSE program committee. He is also member of the OASIS Security Conference program committee and the World-eID program committee.

Since ‘89 he is active in the field of Information Security doing large projects for the European Central banks, Police forces, big financial institutes, European Commission, etc.

Ronny Bjones was one of the four founders of Utimaco Belgium, where he worked ten years as R&D director. Before Utimaco Ronny worked for a Belgian EFT specialist called Prodata and one of the first firms to specialize in cryptography in Europe called Cryptech.

Ronny Bjones is an active speaker on conferences.

“Minimal Disclosure – the marriage between eID and privacy”

Many eID schemes have been criticized for their lack of privacy protection. Everywhere the citizens use the eID card, the citizens are fully disclosed. A lot of attributes of the user’s identity are revealed in every transaction and every transaction is linkable, allowing misuse and privacy breaches for the citizens.

Microsoft is working on new Minimal Disclosure concepts which overcome the privacy shortcomings in today’s PKI technology. These concepts can be used for any kind of transactions but will provide a high-level of privacy when desired by the users and application builder. This would allow application builders to build their applications “privacy by design”.

In this session we will give an introduction into the technology called U-Prove and explore scenarios where current technologies such as SAML and X.509 have serious issues to protect the privacy of the users. We will show the capabilities of U-Prove and explore the key concepts behind the technology. We will reveal the powerful combination of eID cards and minimal disclosure to build future applications.


Speaking on November 18

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