ID WORLD International Congress: Scott Dueweke

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Scott Dueweke

Senior Associate, Virtual Identity Management – Booz Allen Hamilton

Chairs at ID WORLD on ID in Cloud Computing

Scott Dueweke is a 25 year veteran of government, financial services, internet ecommerce, and identity management. This career has included an appointment by President Reagan to the State Department, creating a humanitarian organization which rescued Cuban rafters in the Florida Straits and assisted the humanitarian response to the the genocide in Rwanda.

He was a pioneer of internet ecommerce presenting “Credit Cards and the Internet” at the first Internet World conference in 1994. This work was global, taking him to over 24 countries with IBM and other companies. Mr. Dueweke since has helped financial services industry, security industry and government solve the challenges of identity.

Mr. Dueweke joined Booz Allen Hamilton in 2007 to lead the Identity and Access Management team. Currently, Mr. Dueweke leads efforts at Booz Allen focused on Virtual Identity. This role builds upon his decades of experience in the financial services industry, the internet, and government, to examine identity holistically. He is helping entities understand the threats and opportunities associated with living and doing business in cyberspace and its intersections with existing business models. Virtual identity includes anonymity, pseudonymity, and the projection of identity in virtual worlds, online games, payment systems and social networking sites.

Chairing on November 18

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