ID WORLD International Congress: Stephen Stretton

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Stephen Stretton

General Manager – Post Polly

Speaks at ID WORLD on Postal Innovation

Stephen Stretton is an expert on Postal Operations and Technology, currently the CEO of Post Polly Pte Ltd (a global partner of the Uglii coalition). Mr Stretton is engaged in ‘enabling’ Postal Authorities in the Digital Age). Mr Stretton has been a Postal Consultant and Programme Manager for the last 16 years and was instrumental in the success of a number of significant change programs including Network Optimization, Direct Marketing and Mail House operations. He has conducted consultancy projects for Emirates Post, South Africa Post, Australia Post and undertaken consultancy for the UPU as well as advising other Postal administrations on aspects of Postal Operations. Prior to this Mr. Stretton was Engineering Manager for New Zealand Post. Stretton holds both a BE. (Electrical & Electronic) and BSc. (Management Science) from the University of Canterbury, New Zealand (1994).

“Postal retail networks – e-services and customer empowerment”

Fundamental changes have occurred in the last decade in the way people communicate with each other. This has had a major impact on the revenue streams for postal services. Traditional forms of communications that used first class mail, such as billing and payment for services, are now being done online. In fact keeping in touch with friends and family has become so much more convenient with the use of social media and online networking. This growing move to electronic communications has also been driven by increasing functionality and usage of search engines, online directories and online market places, to seek out information and transact on line in a timely, cost effective way. The world has gone “online”, leaving Postal Systems increasingly vulnerable and needing to find alternative revenue streams. Identifying ways to significantly change their business models in order to survive into the future, is a challenge facing every Postal Service worldwide.

To remain competitive in the Digital Age many are leveraging their delivery networks or optimising the value offerings of their retail presence and branching out into e-Services. Regardless if the Postal services are solely Government owned, State Enterprises and or Publically listed organisations, pressure is mounting for postal services to remain viable and to do this, they need to evolve, be more relevant and respond to customer needs and be innovative in competing in the marketplace.

This case study looks at:

Identifying customer requirements in the Digital Age

Demonstrating the potential power of the Postal Retail Network in ID Management

Highlight the potential of Postal Retail Networks to become providers of innovative e-services,

Opportunities for new revenue streams with Intelligent Market Place systems

This presentation is targeted at decision makers within the Postal Community who want to leverage the capabilities of their retail networks into a sustainable Digital Age economy. From sustainability to profitability, this presentation is positioned as an enabler into digital services for postal operators globally.

Speaking on November 16

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