ID WORLD International Congress: Stewart Hefferman

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Stewart Hefferman

CEO – OmniPerception

Speaks at ID WORLD on Transportation Security

Stewart Hefferman spent four years with EMI before moving to THORN Secure Science, a UK company specialising in developing technologies to protect credit card and paper documents against counterfeiting and fraudulent activities. In 2000, he moved into the biometrics sector as Product Manager for TSSI Systems Limited. This highly successful partnership saw major successes within the, then fledgling, UK biometric industry and within five years Mr. Hefferman held the position of COO for four years and oversaw the successful deployment of biometric systems in numerous countries and had notable successes deploying smart card and IT systems into the UK National Health Service.

As a keen proponent of the appropriate use of biometrics, Mr. Hefferman move to become CEO of OmniPerception in 2009 has coincided with a rapid uptake in the usage, acceptance and performance of face recognition technologies. Mr. Hefferman and OmniPerception are now at the forefront of the development and deployment of these technologies in both the consumer and security sectors.


The advances in face recognition over the last couple of years has been astonishing. Products that deliver the benefits of using this form of biometric have, at last, appeared on the market. These products will help in the fight against crime, but ensuring the technical, environmental and privacy issues are addressed is key to delivering the results demanded. This talk will explore the key practical issues that must be considered when deploying face recognition in real mission critical environments before then covering the data protection and privacy issues that are specific to this form of biometric.

As face recognition becomes even more accurate with new deployments appearing throughout the world, it is a welcome fact that the many of the questions surrounding the deployment are sociological, political and environmental rather than technical! As the demand for, and installations of, city wide surveillance incorporating face recognition, these issues must be examined and considered by biometric manufacturers, systems integrators and users. Successfully addressing these issues is critical for successful adoption of the technology and hence market growth. One only needs to look at the CCTV market to see how overcoming the privacy and data protection issues can lead to explosive market growth.



Speaking on November 4

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