ID WORLD International Congress: Sverre Bauck

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Sverre Bauck

Senior Advisor – Agency for Public Management and eGovernment, Norway

Speaks at ID WORLD on Citizen ID

Sverre Bauck obtained his PhD in biophysics at the University of Oslo (1974) and was Postdoc at the National Institutes of Health in Washington DC, USA (1976–77). He has been working with digital systems and solutions for nearly forty years, including digital electronics, measurement technology, software development, solutions, security, teaching and standardization on a national and international level.

From 1986 to 1988 he worked at the Norwegian Directorate of Customs and Excises with the management of development and implementation of the electronic declaration system TVINN. The following four years he worked as a representative of the EFTA countries in the Western European EDIFACT Board Secretariat in the European Commission coordinating the development of EDIFACT standards.

Later on he has served as senior adviser in Statskonsult, ErgoGroup, the Brønnøysund Register Centre and currently with the Agency for Public Management and eGovernment working with analyses and solutions for public and private clients. Between 1995 and 99 he led the EU project TAPPE – Telematics Applications: Public Procurement in Europe, and presently he is addressing the topic of identifiers in the EU project PEPPOL ( He is member of the Kantara Initiative eGov group, and he has been writing articles and giving presentation on related subjects over the last two decades.

“Digitally signed business documents needs eID with information about signers role and authorization”

The aim of this presentation is to give a summary of the requirements for use of electronic signatures and identifiers in European public e-procurement systems, and to suggest constraints for further standardisation. All procurement systems are using person identifiers in business documents that are structured according to international standards, it appear, however, that the persons’ roles or authorizations within an organisation he represents need to available for processing. The presentation addresses electronic signature on business documents and indicates how to standardise and process the impacts of a signature. Aspects of signing have been handled within isolated and closed systems for decades, and the extension to reuse between federated systems belonging to and governed by different owners under various legal frameworks is addressed.

Speaking on November 18

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