ID WORLD International Congress: Tal Gilat

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Tal Gilat

President & CEO – InkSure Technologies

Speaks at ID WORLD on Asset Tracking

Mr. Gilat joined INKSURE Technologies in March of 2010, bringing with him over 15 years of management experience in large and small hi-tech companies in New York and Silicon Valley.

Mr. Gilat has a proven track record in the software & hardware security industry of increasing top and bottom line results, most recently heading SanDisk Enterprise Sales (NASDAQ: SNDK) in North America. Mr. Gilat joined SanDisk through the company’s acquisition of publicly traded M-System (NASDAQ: FLSH), where Mr. Gilat established the company as the recognized leader in secured enterprise flash drives with a global market share of over 50%.

In 2000, Mr. Gilat successfully founded and served as CEO of Kavado Inc. (acquired by Protegrity Inc. in 2004), a global web security solutions provider. Under his leadership, KaVaDo raised over $18M from top tier investors and became the world’s premier web application firewall provider, holding second position in global web application scanner sales.


The primary purpose of tax stamps is to assist governments in tax collection. But tax stamps can also be used to help governments control counterfeiting and illicit trade. Ukraine has been able to reduce counterfeiting of tobacco and alcohol and the organized crime associated with it by issuing tobacco and alcohol tax stamps that use covert authentication technology for anti-counterfeiting. By using secure tax stamps, Ukraine provides law enforcement officials with streamlined system to check for counterfeit tax stamps. Because counterfeit tax stamps are often attached to counterfeit products, requiring tax stamps leads law enforcement to counterfeit products and the criminals that make them.

The Ukrainian tax stamps use machine readable taggants produced by InkSure for anti- counterfeiting protection. Once incorporated into the stamps, the taggants can only be detected by specially engineered hand-held readers. These readers can easily distinguish between the most realistic looking fakes and genuine tax stamps without any visual subjectivity. Even the highest quality fake cannot beat a programed forensic-level reader.

Ukraine started seeing results as soon as the tax stamps with taggants were issued in 2007. Official production of tobacco and alcohol increased by 30% the month after the stamps were issued. Ukraine saw a revenue increase of 200 million USD in 2008 from tobacco and alcohol products. To date the government of Ukraine has collected an additional 3 billion USD in tax revenue. This amount represents the enormous increase in legitimate cigarette and alcohol production that was previously produced by counterfeiters.


Speaking on November 4

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