ID WORLD International Congress: Thomas Wolf

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Thomas Wolf

COO – Höft & Wessel

Speaks at ID WORLD on CEO & Investors Forum

In 2004, Thomas Wolf became member of the Board of Höft & Wessel AG, the leading German manufacturer of mobile data acquisition devices and ticketing machines. Mr. Wolf is responsible for sales, marketing and purchase.

Mr. Wolf began his professional career in 1992, when he joined Hewlett Packard`s Professional Services Organisation PSO in Böblingen, Germany. From 1992 – 1996 he worked there as a Software Development Engineer and Project Manager. In 1996 Thomas joined Höft & Wessel AG where he built up the ticketing division of Höft & Wessel AG which later became the Almex business unit.


For more than a decade, Microsoft’s WindowsMobile operating system brought together consumer-centric and vertical handheld terminals under one platform. With PDAs becoming smartphones, fueled by fresh thinking about man-machine interaction, this “unified OS idea” got lost on the way. There is a gap to be closed. Business customers are looking for consistent application and system management across smartphones and professional terminals, software houses aim to sell their apps into B2B as well as B2C markets, users want the same look and feel on their working tools and personal mobiles. This is paving the ground for Android, the open and intuitive operating system which is penetrating the mobile phone market in an unprecedented speed, to likewise conquer the handheld terminal business.

However, different markets follow different rules. Consumers want trendy gadgets and choice from myriads of apps. Businesses are concerned about processes, TCO and management of their mobile solutions. In this presentation we analyze the potential of Android to compete in both arenas and discuss how Höft & Wessel believe it will affect the use of handheld terminals. We share our thoughts how to fit Android, as quickly as it continues evolving, into product life cycles as requested from industry. This will be illustrated through results from first practical use cases involving the latest generation of Höft & Wessel’s handheld terminals running Android.



Speaking on November 2

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