ID WORLD International Congress: Tom Patterson

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Tom Patterson

Chief Security Officer – MagTek

Speaks at ID WORLD on ID in Cloud Computing

Tom Patterson is the Chief Security Officer (CSO) for MagTek, Inc., the leading secure transaction technology provider to the payment industry around the world. In his role as CSO, Tom helps to protect the users of over three billion credit and debit cards world-wide, by helping to leverage the best security countermeasures while serving as an industry advocate for secure best practices.

Tom has a long career in security, having worked on security for a space shuttle flight (STS-37), the maiden launch of a nuclear aircraft carrier (CVN-73), built industry leading security products (Net/Assure, CyberGuard firewall, TradeWave PKI), worked with the White House in the Middle East, run Deloitte’s security business in Europe, Middle East, and Africa, was CSO at America’s largest R&D consortium (MCC), built a startup internet company (Command) to $50 million in revenue, and served as IBM’s Chief Strategist for Electronic Commerce. In 2010, Tom has advised the U.S Secret Service, FBI, NCIX, Congress, and the DoD, and was recently named to be an advisor to the Pentagon’s newest round of cyberwar games.

“Secure, effective and affordable use of over 5 billion existing cards for identification and authentication”

The key drivers of any ID system are to be secure, effective, and affordable. While there have been many attempts to enter this market with two of these three critical components, they are destined to fail without the third—affordability. Historically these attempts succeed on the security front, but had problems in effectiveness, and fail in affordability in the real world. Hidden costs such as token manufacture and distribution, token acceptance infrastructure, enrollment processes, key management infrastructures, consumer re-training and education, and the need for global ubiquity and standards, often tip the scale to failure—especially in this global recessionary marketplace.

This discussion will discuss a way to capture all three required drivers, by the secure dual-use of the over 5 billion existing credit and debit cards in circulation today. Rather than having the cost of creating, distributing and educating around new secure tokens, we’re simply adding a security layer to existing credit and debit cards to enable them to be used securely for identification, without the risk of data leakage or counterfeiting. We’ll discuss this approach, where it’s working today with MagTek customers around the world, what it can and can’t do, and how it’s the most effective way to bring an existing, deployed, and globally accepted standard to bear to help solve important new areas of our critical ID requirements.

Speaking on November 18

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