ID WORLD International Congress: Valentina Pavan

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Valentina Pavan

Marketing Director – TNT Post

Speaks at ID WORLD on New Frontiers in Secure Delivery

Valentina Pavan has over 20 years of marketing experience gained in six international companies. Her experience covers eight different market areas, from snack foods to human health, all the way to B2B marketing in TNT Post. She is Marketing Director at TNT Post since 2005, managing a staff of four people. Ms Pavan is married since 1996 and has a 7-year old son.

“A technological idea that enhances postal performance”

Over 80% of post volume in Italy is represented by the postal communications business: invoices, statements, and contracts that requires certainty. The sender wants to be sure that the message reaches the recipient, and the receiver want to be sure to receive it in due time. 
Regular mail at their normal rate does not guarantee this: it does not have any certification of the actual delivery of the letters. It was necessary to use postal specific postal services (registered) that cost at least three times the normal rates. 
So how do you combine reliability and value for money? 
Formula Certa is an Italian product, developed to reach this objective. 
Formula Certa is a highly innovative satellite-based delivery system which is able to offer the highest reliability of delivery at a low cost. 
The advantages are obvious: any insurance company, bank, phone carrier that uses Formula Certa, has a proof, certified by satellite, that its items have been delivered and also has control of delivery times, usually 3-5 days. 
A successful case histories, based on efficiency, effectiveness, technical development, as witnessed by over 200 million items per year.

Speaking on November 17

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