ID WORLD International Congress: Vittorio Bertocci

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Interview with Vittorio Bertocci

At ID WORLD 2008 – by Kim Sauer, ID PEOPLE

Mr. Vittorio Bertocci is a Senior Architect Evangelist of Cloud Services Evangelism with Microsoft Corp helping large enterprises leverage new technologies.

After a few years in the Italian Microsoft Services, he moved to the U.S. headquarters, where he has spent the past three years helping customers deploy solutions based on identity and access management, SOA, and services. He currently focuses on the identity and access aspects of cloud computing; Understanding Windows Cardspace, the book on user-centered identity he coauthored, was published last January.

Other videos taken at ID WORLD 2008

Anant Agrawal, Verayo
Anant Agrawal, CEO of Verayo, speaks about emerging auto ID technologies for anti-counterfeiting and their main application areas.

Cyrille Bataller, Accenture
Cyrille Bataller, Partner with Accenture Technology Labs, discusses utilizing biometrics as an automation technology in airports.

Vittorio Bertocci, Microsoft
Vittorio Bertocci, Senior Architect Evangelist at Microsoft Corp, explains how cloud computing can help large enterprises.

Werner Blessing,
Werner Blessing, Chairman and CEO of, speaks about simultaneous multimodal biometric authentication.

Kamel Boussadia, Thales
Kamel Boussadia, iAirport Solution Manager at Thales, discusses on-the-move security screening of passengers at critical checkpoints.

Giovanni Codegoni, Lab ID
Giovanni Codegoni, Sales Manager at Lab ID, details the range of applications for RFID in the fashion industry.

Peter Collins, A2B Tracking Sol.
Peter Collins, Founder and President of A2B Tracking Solutions, speaks about the evolution of the DoD’s global asset tracking standard.

EDAPS Consortium
Nataliya Kochubey, VP International Relations, and Alexander Vassiliev, Chairman EDAPS Consortium, on complex government identity projects.

Abdullah A. Ferdous
Abdullah A. Ferdous, consultant of the Government of Bangladesh, speaks about Registered Traveler programs.

Kevin Gillick, GlobalPlatform
Kevin Gillick, Executive Director of GlobalPlatform, illustrates the not-for-profit organization’s innovative approach to smart card standards.

Giovanni Grieco, CAEN RFID
Giovanni Grieco, Sales and Marketing Director of Caen RFID, describes what is driving the adoption of UHF RFID technology.

Thomas Hitzer, KSW
Thomas Hitzer, CEO of KSW Microtec, speaks about utilizing dual frequency HF/UHF inlays for government identity applications.

General MD Shafiqul Islam
Major General Md Shafiqul Islam, Military Secretary of the Bangladesh Army, details the logistics of creating biometric electoral roles.

Oliver Jahnke, Dermalog
Oliver Jahnke, International Sales & Marketing at Dermalog Identification Systems, speaks about biometric software for detecting fake fingers.

Michael Kober, TagStar
Michael Kober, CEO and co-founder of TagStar, details RFID on metal transponder technology and its applications.

Paul McKeown, IBM
Paul McKeown, Customs, Ports and Border Management at IBM Global Business Services, speaks about trends in border management.

Tom Miller
Tom Miller, Partner at The Sage Group, explains the importance of executive talent and creativity from an investor’s point of view.

Francesco Pirola, Lab ID
Francesco Pirola, CEO of Lab ID, speaks about highly automated RFID tag and label production and about RFID for the textile industry.

Frank Steigberger, Arygon
Frank Steigberger, Managing Director of Arygon Technologies, describes the use of NFC technology in both consumer and industrial markets.

Peter Went, WCC
Peter Went, Chief Executive Officer of WCC, shares his views concerning biometrics technology, privacy and identity rights.

Anton Witkowski, ACIG
Mr. Anton Witkowski is the founder and CEO of ACIG AG, a provider of products, service and know-how in the Smart Card and RFID industry.

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