ID WORLD International Congress: Vivek Khandelwal

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Vivek Khandelwal

VP of Marketing & Business Development – Verayo

Speaks at ID WORLD on Chip Security

Vivek Khandelwal is the VP of Marketing & Business Development at Verayo. Vivek brings over 15 years of industry experience spanning engineering, product management and marketing functions. Vivek’s prime focus at Verayo is the business and marketing strategy for Verayo’s unclonable RFIDs. Prior to joining Verayo, Vivek was at BEA Systems Inc. where, as the Director of Marketing, he led BEA’s RFID marketing effort. Before BEA, Vivek spent 10 years at Sun Microsystems in various roles, the most recent role focused at driving Sun’s go-to-market efforts around RFID solutions. His previous roles at Sun were in Java/J2EE, Solaris System Software, Network Computers and Advanced Graphics technologies. Before joining Sun, Vivek was a member of the technical staff at Wipro Infotech’s Global R&D Center.

Vivek has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the Institute of Technology, BHU, India, and an MBA from the Leavey School of Business in Santa Clara University, USA.

“How to elevate trust in IDs with unclonable RFID”

A news feature earlier this year reported on how easily a person could be pick-pocketed without being touched through RFID chips. With a cheap $10 credit card reader purchased off of eBay, the reporter asked subway passengers if they would allow the reporter to try skimming their RFID chip-based credit cards. And this is all it would take—someone simply scanning another person’s bag within close proximity to steal information off of a card.

RFID chips are also widely used in identification and access cards. With more sophisticated and easy-to-obtain technology today, it is critical that such cards can be made trust-worthy through authentication, especially for cards accessing facilities such as public transport, banking and financial systems, and defense or government facilities.

RFIDs are also prone to cloning and repeated attacks. Thus, reliable authentication is also needed to protect against and thwart counterfeiting of IDs – counterfeiters should not be able to clone the mechanism or fool the system.

For humans, biometrics technologies, like fingerprinting or DNA analysis, provide a strong and robust authentication. Now, this same concept exists for RFID chips in the form of a silicon biometrics technology called Physical Unclonable Functions (PUF). With PUF-based RFID chips, IDs can be authenticated through card readers an unlimited number of times. This session will provide an overview of the PUF technology, highlight several examples of today’s real world applications, and share a new and unique approach of authentication and how to secure identification documents and cards cost effectively.

Speaking on November 17

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