ID WORLD International Congress: Werner Blessing

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Werner Blessing

Chairman & CEO –

Speaks at ID WORLD on Secure Identification

Mr. Werner Blessing is the Chairman and CEO of He has directed companies in Germany, United Kingdom, France and Switzerland for over 20 years. He was winner of the Swiss Marketing Trophy in 2002 with a company in the consumer market achieving 95% public brand recognition. He has joined the biometric market in 2003, initially as co founder of a company producing software for biometric passports. Soon, he invented and patent protected a multimodal simultaneous biometric authentication procedure. To develop and market specifically this product, called ComBiom, (Communication Biometrics), he founded Werner Blessing began his career in Banking, followed by studies of Business Management, specialized in Marketing.

A challenge to describe the technical and commercial solutions today and the possible path into the future

Already several years ago 186 countries have agreed to add biometric authentication to the travel documents. The biometric market expected that a large application of biometric authentication would be finding a successful market entrance across government, industry and private markets. Looking at the development so far, it needs to be quoted that the majority of turnover in the biometric market is happening in the government market segment or more directly these activities are related to the travel documents.

TAN-Lists, mobile TAN, security token and various classical authentication procedures have been applied even in latest security projects in a large majority and hardly ever, biometric and authentication. Two possibilities seem available these days to put in favor a take off in activities around a biometric authentication.

1.Biometric physical access control, ideally linked to official documents:

Estonia may be considered as a leading country in terms of IT infrastructure and general public use of it. This country has been the first to apply mobile payment of parking tickets across its capital in Tallinn. Estonia is also the worlds leading country for E-Voting, having reached 10% of the general population voting on the internet during last elections. The ministry of interior (Siseministeerium) envisages to launch mobile voting for the next voting cycle. AG is working on the technical and commercial concept to add the biometric reference templates along with the credential at the AS Sertifitseerimiskeskus (Certification Centre Ltd.). Ideally general public in Estonia could then use their standard ID – Card in combination with the biometric physical access control system. Banks, administrations with the needs of authentication and other industrial applications could take the benefits such a secure and comfortable access control system. AG is in negotiation with several institutions in Estonia to start such projects.

2.a)The true need of authentication on internet applications with a true protection against replay attack and spoofing attack.

ComBiom: Highest security at highest comfort. The application of ComBiom is very easy for the user. In the beginning, he must learn the system by speaking the numerals 0,1,2,… to 9. The webcam registers a video and audio file for every numeral. The ComBiom software then calculates a file for every numeral (reference templates, c. 4 KB), which includes the biometric face recognition, voice recognition and word recognition. For a later login with BIOMETRYsso, the user is asked randomly generated numerals that appear on the screen in succession. He speaks these numerals and the webcam records the video and audio. The software in turn calculates the files, which are subsequently compared to the respective reference templates. If the values match, BIOMETRYsso grants the user access. Thanks to ComBiom, sensitive data is given the greatest possible protection: With every requested numeral, three simultaneous authentication processes run in the background in the shortest amount of time, which, with four randomly selected numerals, results in a total of 12 processes. Additional security is also offered by the random generation of the number series avoiding spoofing or replay attacks (so called random challenge response or otp: one time pass-word). Further-more the minimal costs of the required hardware, namely only a webcam with microphone (integrated into most laptops as standard), also speak for ComBiom and BIOMETRYsso.

b) 7th Framework Research Program of the European Union (EU), TABULA RASA – “Trusted Biometrics under Spoofing Attacks”

The 7th Framework Research Program of the European Union (EU) is an European program of subsidizing technical developments that should enhance European leadership in High-tech markets. Under the leadership of IDIAP the European fund has been achieved incorporating 9 universities 3 entities close to the market, one of which is AG. The target of this project, named TABULA RASA, is the development of a biometric authentication solution for internet applications securely cutting out any risk of replay attack and spoofing attack.

Speaking on November 16

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