ID WORLD International Congress: What people said about ID WORLD 2009

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What people said about ID WORLD 2009

Steven Singer, CEO, ABNote
“Simply the best conference and congress that I have ever attended. Incredibly well-organized, excellent roster of speakers, and the highest percentage of qualified leads among attendees that I have seen in my 25 years in the industry.”

Suvi Lindén, Minister of Communications, Finland
“I very much enjoyed the conference. It was exciting to hear about NFC and other new technologies. Above all, I really had plenty of time to concentrate on the subjects as well. I will be following with a great interest how things develop in the sector.”

Gareth Warner, Advisor, South African Government
“Many thanks for the invitation to attend ID WORLD, you have managed to entice an excellent caliber of individuals to the conference. I hope I added value and will be back next year.”

Béat Clerc, Business Development Manager, NagraID
“I would like to congratulate you and your team for having put this very interesting event in place and to have succeeded to the challenge for having brought all these worldwide specialists together. This was a great performance. ID WORLD 2009 was a great vintage. We are all convinced now that, despite a notable slowdown in 2009, the general business is slowly going to take a cruising speed again. Please be reassured that I will be your ambassador to promote this event to my management in the future.”

RK Bajaj, Commissioner, Income Tax Department, India
“Congratulations to all the ID WORLD team for the huge and successful event that the ID World International Congress 2009 was.”

Martin George, CEO, Smart Sensors
“I would like to compliment you for yet another successful, well organized and stimulating ID WORLD event (not forgetting of course the Sustainability Summit).”

Peter Collins, President, A2B Tracking Solutions
“I would like to give you a formal “thank you” for hosting a great event. As always, ID WORLD is setting the standard in valuable ID conferences and events. Thank you and I look forward to 2010.”

Carl Otto Künnecke, CEO, Otto Künnecke
“ID WORLD was a great exhibition and much more interesting than last year!”

Tariq Malik, Deputy Chairman, National Database and Registration Authority, Pakistan
“It was a very knowledgeable event as I shared and learnt lots of new trends in auto ID – you guys have done wonderful job.”

Sandrine Capsalas, Senior Counsel, Strategic Planning, Interpol
“Congratulations for the organization of this ID WORLD 2009. I appreciated the commitment of the team to assist me with all the technicalities.”

Tom Grant, CEO, ThingMagic
“Thank you very much for including me in this year’s ID WORLD International Congress and I have a growing appreciation of what the Congress is all about – it is a very thoughtful and challenging undertaking.”

Dr Andreas Wolf, VP Technology & IP Management, Cross Match Technologies
“ID WORLD was again a platform to monitor new trends in the ID industry as well as an excellent platform to talk to colleagues which could be tomorrow’s partners.”

Gérald Santucci, Head of Unit, DG Information Society, European Commission
“I saw a large number of excellent speakers, and I think it would be unfair to pinpoint one or two at the expense of the others. The cleavage for me was more between those with a short-term approach to the discussions and those with a longer-term, more visionary approach. Both approaches were necessary and well presented. ID WORLD International Congress has this peculiar advantage that all speakers are very good or excellent. I never saw a “bad” speaker in the 2 events that I attended so far.”

Dr Detlef Houdeau, Senior Director, Business Development, Infineon Technologies
“The mirror view of Africa and Middle East Region on eID programs was very exciting for me.”

Rainer Rettig, President, Are Con
“The event again showed the capability to sense trends and attract people from the international community that are hard to contact for most of us. The move towards the African continent reflects on the changing focus of the industry and was a strong motivation for us to participate. We expect that to be the case in the future activities of Wise Media and decided already to participate again next year.”

Michael Salomon, CEO, Clean Horizon Consulting
“Congratulations on the seamless organization of this event and thank you again for including me. As mentioned, I would be delighted to remain in contact as a speaker in future events.”

Michael Hegenbarth, Senior Director Standardization, Bundesdruckerei
“My frank attitude is indeed to do my best to assist your team in having much success with your initiative regarding the distribution of current, competent and important information regarding NFC. That had been missing and Wise Media has filled that lack. I am absolutely convinced in your initiative and will support it as much as I can.”

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