ID WORLD International Congress: Why Exhibit?

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Whatever your goals,
the ID WORLD 2011 Exhibition can take you there!

Because it focuses the market participants in one place and time – bringing together suppliers, systems integrators, buyers, purchase influencers, consultants and the media – the ID WORLD Exhibition is an incredibly versatile marketing medium.

If you want to launch new products, generate media coverage, build brand awareness, generate leads and communicate with existing customers, this exciting event enables you to do it all in one bold stroke.

The ID WORLD Exhibition provides an unrivalled variety of opportunities for targeting your customers, enabling you to raise your company’s profile and educate the market about the breadth of the products and services that you have to offer.

21 Reasons to Exhibit

  1. Generate sales leads
  2. Make direct sales
  3. Build your contact database
  4. Strengthen your relationships with current customers
  5. Educate your customers
  6. Upsell and cross sell customers
  7. Collect customer testimonials
  8. Re-sell lapsed customers
  9. Market test your new product
  10. Research your marketing campaign
  11. Test market awareness and perceptions
  12. Create or raise market awareness
  13. Position or re-position your brand
  14. Educate by demonstrating
  15. Boost analyst/investor perceptions
  16. Develop new markets
  17. Identify and recruit new distributors or partners
  18. Support your current sales channel
  19. Enhance your reputation as a partner
  20. Get on the “media radar”‚ and generate coverage
  21. Establish relationships with key editors and journalists

No Other Marketing Medium Can Compare!

Companies who should exhibit at ID WORLD 2010

Manufacturers and distributors of auto ID technologies such as: RFID; Biometrics; Card technologies, GPS, AIDC and multifunctional systems; training companies and educational institutions; consultancy services.

Click here to see the list of exhibitors at ID WORLD 2009.

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