ID WORLD International Congress: Zdenek Lokaj

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Zdenek Lokaj

Partner – Inoxive

Speaks at ID WORLD on Transportation Security

Zdeněk Lokaj continues his academic studies towards his Ph.D. from the Faculty of Transportation Sciences at the Czech Technical University in Prague, where he is also lecturing in information systems and telecommunications and contributes to research projects.

His business career started at Accenture in the transportation system solutions area (electronic tolling, multi-purpose citizen cards). Later, he joined Microsoft as delivery manager for clients in manufacturing and utilities. Prior to starting Inoxive, he led research and development projects focused on electronic identification in Telematix for three years. Mr. Lokaj is focusing on transportation systems and telematics, telco services and governmental applications, mainly the functional areas of systems security, personal and object identification.

He is a regular speaker at international conferences (such as IEEE).


Identification is the crucial part of the value chain in many systems, including transport and urban systems. Identification is very important for example in tolling systems and in Vehicle-2-X solutions where the incorrect identification process may cause fatal problems (toll is charged to another road user etc.).

It is a widely known fact that data volumes transmitted both privately by passengers from public networks to vehicles as well as between vehicles and infrastructure (V2I) or other vehicles (V2V) grow significantly and progressively. Probability of negative implications to the traffic flow grows with integration of vehicles into dynamically organized wide area networks. These trends fuel emergence of critical systemic issues in case the security of the wide area networks is not properly managed. Relevant communications security therefore becomes crucial part of the ITS and telco solutions.

There are two aspects of the vehicle identification security – security of the identifier in the vehicle systems and security of the communication. This presentation is covering both of these areas and describes possibilities of securing the vehicle identification based on non-public identifier derived from current identifiers and vehicle properties with dynamical extension and encrypted by standard cryptographic solutions – symmetric or asymmetric based on type of communication (or request).



Speaking on November 4

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