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Zeno Stämmer

VP Active RFID – Albis Technologies

Speaks at ID WORLD on Wireless Identification

Zeno Stämmer is leading the business division, active RFID with its product portfolio Zomofi and the partner relations into European and international countries. Many years experience with RFID combined with global responsibilities in introducing technology and solutions into the markets have made Mr. Stämmer a well appreciated business person.

For RFID Mr. Stämmer is accompanying customer process analysis, business case and ROI considerations as well as R&D and technology improvements. In several speeches he is willing to share trends and findings to bring forward the pioneer mind of system integrators and customers.

Former responsibilities of Mr. Stämmer include Siemens in Business Development, Product Management and SW-Development. One of the globally recognized products is the Siemens OpenScape which has been designed by Mr. Stämmer in the product-definition team in San José, USA.


The RFID industry is well aware of the diversity and all possible usage of RFID technology. Asset Tracking is one of the most developed application area for passive and active RFID. Albis Technologies presenation is takes an innovative and very relevant journey from ASSETS to SECURITY OF ART OBJECTS to SAFETY FOR PEOPLE.

A)Asset Tracking with integrated Security

Active RFID Transponders with specialized sensor technology allow for individual monitoring of each object or display, every adverse action triggers an alert through existing asset tracking and communication infrastructure. This is the key to not only ensure valuable objects are protected against criminal activity, but also that their longevity is assured through crucial monitoring of entire vehicles or instruments for any sudden movement or break-ins. The explanations and pictures of two customer installations are giving the audience the impression on how the security cases are implemented and on how they are operated.

B)People Safety in its true life threatening conditions

Monitoring art objects or vehicles is one thing – and very important – BUT to raise the game with such proven technology into people safety and its use cases means serious appreciation of the risks. Examples and impressions in evacuation scenarios supported by RFID, are presented for very hazardous environments such as in power generation plants or in underground tunnels.

Albis will take the audience on a journey of these use cases supported by images and real life explanations and experiences from European projects.



Speaking on November 2

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